Eden Hotel Tiberias Glatt Kosher


A true vacation in the Sea of Galilee. Eden Hotel in Tiberias presents a long tradition of hospitality and leisure in a cozy atmosphere. From the service we provide, our attractive prices and to our convenient location, which is situated as a short walk to the most popular sites in the city.

Christian guests are more then welcome

At Eden Hotel, we welcome all people of the Christian faith. It doesn’t matter to us if you are Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant), you’re a very appreciated and valued guest. For our religious guests, we offer additional – services if they wish for – priests, praying sessions, Holy Mass in and outside the hotel. At the Sea of Galilee, we organize Holy Mass in a Jesus Boat at the locations once visited by Jesus. Tiberias is a multi-cultural city with many churches, which are all available for our guests.

Hotel Eden Glatt Kosher if perfect for Religious Jews

The food, which is offered at the restaurants in Hotel Eden is of the highest quality, variety and are Glatt Kosher. This makes the hotel more then suitable for our religious Jewish guests, not to mention the best quality food for everyone else as well. Synagogues are available for our Jewish guests.

Your home in the North of Israel

With our vast experience accumulated over the years of hospitality tradition, gives you a feeling of relaxation, a warm, cozy and luxurious personal suite – a heavenly vacation, as we know to do.

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