Managing a law firm is how to run a business?

In Italy, however, there are still a few law firms with managerial strategies aimed at acquiring new clients or increasing the popularity of the firm.

Acquiring clients as a lawyer: how?

Think of your studio's logo. You have it for sure! If not, think immediately what differentiates you from the other lawyer and turn to a chart to make you one of style and appropriate!

The logo that represents your studio must become a real brand. Let's take an example. Going through the boutiques of the center when you see a bag or a shoe by Valentino or Gucci, what do you think? I allow myself to answer your place. Perhaps in class, style, wealth, Made in Italy?

The same should happen when someone sees your studio's logo on the entry form or on a brochure. He should think about professionalism, preparation and effectiveness.

How do I create the brand of my law firm?

To get the "Valentino effect", however, it is not enough to post, when it is OK, on ​​the Facebook page of your law firm (if not directly on your personal profile) new laws or judgments deemed expressive ..

It takes time and effort to make sure that new and old customers perceive you as a synonym for professionalism. The road to gain visibility and build a new audience necessarily passes from a question.

Marketing strategies for the lawyer

Do this simple exercise … list them point by point. Ask yourself why a customer must choose you and not your competitor.

When you arrive … and sooner or later we know that you get to write "punctuality and effectiveness" stop to think about how you manage the PCT and how long it takes to be so "punctual and effective". How much do you make a deposit or create a practice in the management?

Can you quickly retrieve the information from the practice? Can you tell your customer how much time and what activities you did for him in a blink of an eye?

Did you complete the list? Well in the next articles we will talk about some "pret a porter" strategies to save time in the studio. We tried them for you and they work!

You can save 1 hour a day at work, let's pretend you only work from Monday to Friday, it's 220 days in a year, at € 75 an hour to stay low, well you can earn € 16.500, in practice it's like playing the lottery , but with the security of winning!

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